Who are we?

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Maybe the eyes have limitations in seeing, but the mind and imagination are never limited to finding the latest ideas and always developing in every age. therefore we want to be part of you to find new and fresh ideas in support of all your creativity and work.

Bifonts.com was launched at the end of 2019, we want everything to be unlimited, including for consumers to be unlimited in communicating with our designers, we want to always accommodate all aspirations including from designers, consumers and from any party, because aspirations can come from anywhere .and we always want to be close to you.

we are here for unlimited, including for designers to make prices as they like, including the lowest for example $1, we understand that anyone can experience financial conditions that are sometimes difficult, including for our designers, so that at certain times they can provide maximum discounts to get the best sales, and this will benefit our consumers, they will get the highest quality goods but at very friendly and not burdensome prices.

We are committed to safeguarding and protecting our consumers and designers, including we provide a money back guarantee to consumers finding goods that do not meet the specifications offered by the designer, we will create a discussion path to find solutions faced by consumers with the designer, so that if a solution could not be found we would make an agreement together with the designer to return money to consumers.

we are nobody and never could be without you.

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