Bifonts License

We make two licenses for each product that you buy or get on free items weekly, please read the following conditions:

Premium License

Premium licenses are licenses that you can use for commercial use with the exception of fonts for high volume production (above 500 copies) or any print volume on request, you must purchase a corporate license from bifonts for each individual item.


  • You can use any item purchased from Bifonts for personal and commercial use. This means you can use it for yourself or make products with or use items that you hold for sale.
  • Purchased items can be used on physical products as long as the original digital design has not been modified or modified.
  • for example you buy a font and then you use it to create crafts, design posters or magazines, make koas or whatever it is with the font that you install is allowed by not changing the original file, you may not open the font file in the font maker application then change the style or the shape of the font that you bought.
  • Fonts can be used to make commercial use, text-based digital designs, but the fonts themselves cannot be resold or redistributed in the form of SVG Alphabet sets are considered designs and images that cannot be resold using fonts that you bought at bifonts.

Not allowed:

  • items that you buy from bifonts in their original digital form purchased from the Website may not be resold, sublicensed, transferred, shared, or redistributed in their original digital form as when you purchased it.
  • Fonts or images that you buy from bifonts may not be given or included as free or bonus items in your sales package.
  • You are not allowed to upload full or partial fonts (OTF and TTF) * themselves to the create-on-demand site or POD or third party software.

Limitation on Use of Premium License.

  • Use of web fonts up to a total of 100,000 page views per month.
  • Use of the product in eBooks / book titles up to 10,000 sales a month.
  • The use of products downloaded / purchased directly in music videos, TV episodes, films or other broadcast productions of up to 100,000 views per month.

Corporate license

Corporate licenses are licenses that can be purchased by companies or individuals with unlimited use, along with complete conditions.


  • Unlimited users who work on different projects for personal or commercial use in one organization or company.
  • End users can create physical or digital items that can be customized using products that are downloaded / purchased from bifonts on any platform / print on the requested service.
  • Use the product directly in music videos, TV episodes, films, or other broadcast productions with unlimited display.
  • Use of web fonts – unlimited page views, unlimited companies and also privately owned websites.
  • Use of the product in unlimited eBooks / print book titles, unlimited sales.

Not allowed:

  • Distribute original files that are downloaded / purchased from us in any way, including: selling, giving away for free, or as part of a product package.
  • Selling or transferring licenses to other companies.
  • Allow other company users, or users outside your household to use products that are downloaded / purchased from us in any way.
  • Change the font to various formats without written permission from the designer.

if you have further questions please contact us here.