Return policies and conditions.

We want to ensure that our customers get the goods as promised by our authors, so we provide a guarantee of refunds, if they follow the following conditions.

1. Reasons.

You must give us a reason why you are requesting a refund, because the refund policy is limited to the wrong product, the product that is described imperfectly or is an error on our website or the payment provider problem, you must explain this when filling out the refund form. If you meet the requirements and correctness after we check your problem, then we will refund the funds in your paypal account, you will be asked to send a paypal email address for this refund.

2. Return Deadline.

You must ask for the return of funds 5 days since you made a purchase on our site, if after buying you do not get what you want, then immediately tell us about what you are experiencing, we will respond to your complaint as soon as possible.

3. Delete the returned product.

We want to make sure after you request a refund and we agree to your refund, then you must delete all files that you get from purchases on our site, and you cannot use the product in any form unless you buy it back on our site.

To request a refund you can contact us via email to or via the contact form.