Terms and conditions Shop owner.

Being a Seller on Bifonts.com means you agree and abide by the following conditions:

1. Terms of the shop owner.

  • You agree to upload or sell only your own products or products that do not infringe copyright.
  • You will be responsible for damaged files or products and are willing to repair and reupload.
  • Damage, errors and other problems caused by your items to our customers due to file damage or copyright issues. then you are the person most responsible for this problem. and you promise to provide our customers with safe and secure product files from viruses.
  • You cannot upload Items in connection with material that is offensive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, or demeans another person or group, or discriminatory images. and you may not upload images containing the trademarks of another product or company.
  • You agree to help customers explain how to use the product you are selling.
  • You agree that if you violate this provision we will delete your store and product.

2. Commission.

the commission you get from each item sold at bifonts is 50% for sales referred by our affiliates or not. We will not charge the affiliation fees to you, the affiliation fees are entirely borne by us.

3. affiliate commission.

We provide a commission for our affiliates at 25% of each item sold from their referral.

4. Commission Payments.

Commission payments for Authors and Affiliates are done every 7-10 every month.

5. Bundle commission.

Our bundle commission will distribute according to the bundle price that we make and involve your product. we will explain about the bundle commission when sending an invitation to join our bundle.

submitting an application to become an Author means that you accept these conditions and have read the “License Terms”  “​​Terms and Conditions”“Privacy” and “Refund Policy”

if you have other questions please send us an email to hello@bifonts.com or via the contact form.