welcome to bifonts.com, this page explains the conditions under which you can use our services, you must comply with these terms of service if you want to use the service or market or access this website.

please read these terms of service carefully, these provisions are binding with legal provisions in Indonesia and ensure that you comply with these conditions.

1. Use of Services.

bifonts.com is a website that operates as a digital market that provides a variety of digital products to meet all your needs. Using this service you are required to have a bifont account. accounts are divided into three types.

a. Consumer Account.

Consumer account is an account that is registered only for shopping needs at Bifonts, you must enter your email, username and password when creating this account. This account provides access to view purchase history, download history, discount information and view items from the Author you are following.

b. Author’s account.

Author’s account is a regular account or consumer account that is upgraded to get a menu as an author, so that it can sell products at bifonts.com

c. affiliate account.

An affiliate account is a regular or consumer account that is registered as an affiliate account so you have a unique code to share our products on your website or social media, so that every sale that occurs on your referral you will get a commission of 25%.

Using a bifonts account, you are responsible for tracking all activities for your account, and you are required to keep all passwords and usernames safely. You may not share your password or login details to access your account with anyone.

2. Bifonts Service Rules.

using bifonts services means that you promise not to be involved in a variety of prohibited activities as mentioned below.

  1. use automated systems such as “robots,” “spiders,” etc., to access the Service in a way that sends more request messages to bifonts servers than can normally be produced by humans.
  2. Send spam, chain letters or other promotional emails not related to the bifonts website.
  3. make comments by promoting a product or service from another website or company.
  4. Uploading invalid data, viruses, worms or other software agents through the Service.
  5. Impersonating another person or misrepresenting your affiliation with someone or entity, committing fraud, concealing or trying to hide your identity.

3. Notification Email.

By providing your e-mail address to us, you agree that we use your e-mail address to send you notices relating to the Service, including any notices relating to services and products or anything related to the provisions made by Bifonts.

4. Transaction Process.

all those involved in the consumer and author Bifonts contract are responsible for the purchases facilitated by us to run as well as possible and do not harm anyone.

Our service organizes a settlement process for transactions when a Buyer claims that their product was not received, or the product they received is different from what is described in the product list. We can take a more active role in ensuring transaction problems are resolved properly. You agree to allow us to make the final decision, at our sole discretion, for any disputes. We reserve the right to correct processing errors that we find. we reserve the right to revoke income from the designer if a dispute requires us to return funds to consumers.

5. Service price.

the price of each product on our website is determined entirely by the author, the author can provide the lowest discounted prices up to $1.

6. Product Accuracy.

We strive to provide the services or products that you buy according to the descriptions made by the author, we also do our best to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear in stores. but we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor display in any color will be the same as the display on our store.

7. Renewal of terms of service.

We reserve the right to change, revise, or add to the terms of service without prior notice. by using this website you are allied with all of these conditions.